Ocean, Journey Deck, Art Collection with Guidance Questions by Debra Bernier, ShapingSpirit

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I'm grateful to know Vancouver Island, in BC Canada, as my home. My family and I spend our days exploring the wild beaches. I'm inspired by the treasures that I discover; shells, seaweed and especially driftwood.
Each piece of wood is a work of art, a sculpture created through an ancient process. The earth, the ocean, even the moon and its effects on the tides work in harmony to create the unique shapes in the wood.
My art combines the human and animal spirit with these natural elements. I feel I'm a co-creator with Mother Nature, working to tell a story with my art and to express feelings without the use of words. I hope my sculptures inspire others to connect with nature, to explore and to create.

A wonderful gift for those who love the sea!

Each of the 34 images are paired with personal and powerful questions. They will inspire you to see your own mind as a deep ocean of mystery, waiting to be explored. You can read these cards in a group, with a friend or on your own.

Choose a card - and dive in! 

The sculptures were photographed on the beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and created with items found in the forest and on the beach.

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