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Journey Deck Collection

Original & Unique

Driftwood Sculptures by Debra Bernier

Each piece of driftwood I find on the beautiful beaches of Victoria BC, holds a secret story.

Where the tree the driftwood came from once grew, how it fell, how long its bits and branches have been turning over in the ocean's waves are all untold.

Handmade on Vancouver Island

Shaping Spirit started on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada, surrounded by the wild and gentle inspiration of nature.

Each piece of driftwood is a work of art already, created through the hands of Mother Nature. The earth, the ocean, even the moon and its effects on the tides, play a part in the unique shaping of driftwood.


She does extraordinary work and they are all so special. Her packaging is excellent and I really enjoyed the whole experience of purchasing from her.

Paige - July 24, 2021


Sometimes, there are just no words to adequately convey an inner sense of grace, renewal, healing...and the journey it took to arrive there. This piece symbolizes it all...it is exquisite and beautiful. Thank you!

Cynthia - May 17, 2022


This is my second purchase of art and I have another piece in my wish list. The pieces are beautiful and detailed, and I love them both. It is like she creates from my own imagination.

Mary - April 27, 2022


Her work is stunning. When i held it it felt so emotional, very healing, soothing and a soft energy that emanate from it. Thank you!!!

Nathalie - July 20, 2021

Totem of Woman

"Birth and death; we all move between these two unknowns. From the same Spirit of Life we are poured forth, each generation following the last."